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FILM CAMP returns for summer '17, June 19 - 30. Location: Forest Hill/Hickory Activities Center, 2213 Commerce Road, Forest Hill 21050, and Friends Park, Forest Hill. Check us out on Facebook and You Tube!


FILM CAMP is back in June 2017!

We are happy to announce Harford Film Camp 2017 – Camp runs two weeks — June 19 – 23, and June 26 – 30. Location is the Forest Hill Rec Center and Friends Park. Check out our YouTube Channel, or Facebook page, to see the new release of HFC’s “BIG NESS – Fact or Legend?” – Harford Film Camp [ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR0wOvPSaj34fckqPyx75LA ] to see past films.

COMING SOON: The Island of Dr. Clampet – a film camp 2015 production.

Harford Film Camp is a program of the Forest Hill Recreation Council

HFC is a two-week day camp for teens with an interest in writing, acting, directing, camera, sound, and filmmaking. Experience welcome, but not required.

June 19 – 23, and June 26 – 30.

Questions? Contact us:
David W. Warfield – Film Camp Director