No special equipment required. HFC supplies all necessary equipment for participation in the group film project.


  • Sturdy clothes  & shoes (as for hiking).
  • Light rain gear
  • Hat, Sunscreen
  • Simple Lunch, as desired for an 8–hour day.
  • Insect repellent.

HFC supplies drinks, ice, snacks, and paper products.


HFC provides a unique learning experience and a lot of fun. To insure a great and safe experience for everyone involved, HFC employs the following guidelines:
Participants should expect moderately demanding physical activity in outdoor summer heat. Persons unable to cope with these conditions for health or other reasons should contact us prior to considering enrollment.

Stunts, pyrotechnics, on-camera use of moving vehicles or real firearms, or any other activities deemed unsafe by HFC are prohibited.

Use of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs is strictly prohibited.

No R-rated story content. HFC aims to produce short films acceptable within the familiar PG to PG-13 rating guidelines, which provides ample creative flexibility that Storytelling endeavors demand.

Parent or legal guardian is solely responsible for transportation of the student participant to and from HFC.  Students will be under the immediate supervision of David W. Warfield or his employees.  Students will not be permitted to leave HFC premises on foot, or with any party other than person(s) pre-approved by the parent or legal guardian of the student.  If necessary, Parent or legal guardian will supply HFC with a photocopy of driver’s license of person(s) approved to provide transportation of student participant.

HFC may, at its discretion, require that a participant withdrawal from the program if: The participant violates the above standards, exhibits disruptive behavior, is disrespectful, puts colleagues at risk, or for any other behavior deemed unacceptable by HFC.